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The works arise from a research on the signs and forms of the most elementary models of architecture. They are the result of a path that runs parallel to the activity of architect and which sees in the study of architectural archetypes the starting point for reflections of minimalist aesthetics on the sign and rhythm.
Sign and rhythm, essential premises of every form of language, act respectively in the sphere of space and time and, only if combined, give rise to an elementary visual code that materially translates into sequences of empty and full.
It is starting from these premises that notebooks and sketchbooks become supports for transposing architectures into lines. Imaginaries that are repeated one after the other, always very similar, more and more essential. Page after page, they are born everywhere, because every day and every context bring different and more mature inspirations and, making use of the well-established artistic practice of eliminating the “excess”, the works aim to obtain, over time, pure, elementary forms.